Sentinel is a real estate company that specializes in the following sectors: co-ownership, rental management, student’s housing, real estate brokerage and hotel’s management.

Sentinel has a mission to offer professional, reliable, efficient and personalized services to answer the current and future needs and requirements of its customers. Sentinel commits that each propriety be managed in a way to preserve and maximize the investments of the client.

Each member of the Sentinel’s team is an essential component in the development of our quality policy. The directors and the employees are committed to working together in unison to ensure the reliability and the compliance of our services, in accordance to our customer’s needs. The work environment must value everybody’s involvement towards a common goal: meet our customer’s needs.

Also, each individual’s work is important: at all levels of the business, one must feel respected and listened to. This encourages communication and the exchange of ideas. Each member of Sentinel’s team must act in ways to ensure the growth of the business while using work methods that follow our will to innovate and to never stop improving the quality of our services. The employees of Sentinel use the support and the trainings at their disposal to continuously evolve. The successes as well as failures must be analyzed, studied and used as springboards in our continuous improvement.

The quality of our services is a wholehearted commitment of all the employees of Sentinel. The executives commit to remain flexible and efficient, to listen to their employees as well as clients and to always adapt to the changes of the real estate market in order to ensure the company’s notoriety. All this, so that we may remain the most dynamic real estate management company in all of Québec.