The Québec real estate market has seen unprecedented growth over the past few years, particularly for syndicates of co-ownership. Since 2010, Sentinel has offered to a few hundreds of investors a turnkey solution for the management of their condos. We provide a complete management service that includes the rental of units. Our innovative solutions are customized for investors and will help you achieve the best return on your investment. Those personalized solutions are directly related to the environment of the investors and are made to create better results, it is our way to exceed the expectations.

Sentinel vous offre :


  • Mise en marché sur notre site internet
  • Publicité sur plusieurs sites de location
  • Agent de location disponible 7 jours sur 7
  • Signature des baux
  • Enquêtes de crédit et vérification des références
  • Perceptions et dépôts des loyers
  • Gestion des travaux, comptes à payer et émission mensuelle des paiements aux fournisseurs
  • Gestion des diverses tâches administratives
  • Représentations à la Régie du Logement
  • Correspondances diverses avec les locataires
  • Service d’urgence 24 heures par jour, 365 jours par année
  • Distribution des avis de renouvellement
  • Remise de fonds mensuelle aux investisseurs

Sentinel is a dynamic, responsible and professional team. Its goal is to ensure that its clients benefit from peace of mind and unparalleled quality of services. Each of the members of our team takes pride in being entirely dedicated to the satisfaction of his or her clients and constantly takes it a step further. The vast array of skills available within the Sentinel team contributes to achieving our superior quality objectives.

Our primary goal is to help maximize your profitability by ensuring optimum rental price according to the market.  For this purpose, the experience of our employees, who have in-depth knowledge of the real-estate market, enables us to optimize the rental income of each condo managed by Sentinel. All our actions are coordinated in order to increase the economic value of your investment while maximizing the quality of life of existing tenants.