Quality policy


SENTINEL is a real estate management company specializing in the following fields: multiple-unit residential buildings, seniors’ residences, commercial buildings, hotel management, condominiums, the monitoring of vacant buildings and corporate relocations.

Our goal at SENTINEL is to provide you with professional, reliable, efficient and customized services which meet customers’ current and future needs and requirements. SENTINEL is committed to ensuring that each property is managed with a view to the main – tenance and maximization of the client’s investment.

Each member of the SENTINEL team is an essential link in the chain of development of our quality objective. Both management and employees undertake to work together in order to promote the reliability and compliance of our services, in keeping with our clients’ needs. The work environment is designed to value the involvement of each and every person with a view to achieving a common goal, namely the satisfaction of the client.

In addition, the work performed by each person is important; at every level of the company, one must feel that one is being respected and listened to in order to promote communication and exchanges of ideas. Each member of the SENTINEL team must act with a view to the advancement of the company by resorting to methods of work that reflect our wish to innovate and to continually improve the quality of our services. The employees at SENTINEL undertake to use the media and the training made available to them in order to enable them to consistently improve. Both success and failure are to be analyzed and serve as a springboard in our continuous improvement process.

Quality of services is a commitment which all the employees at SENTINEL have made. Management, for its part, undertakes to be flexible and efficient, as responsive to its employees as it is to its clients and always willing to adapt to market changes with a view to the ultimate goal of enhancing its notoriety. We do all this in order to remain the most dynamic real estate management company in Quebec