Student housing

Résidences étudiants - Sentinel Gestion ImmobilièreIn 1997, SENTINEL signed an important management contract with the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). This administration agreement related to the complete management   of   its    student    housing    for   the  future.

This innovative project, at the time, represented a milestone in Quebec. Indeed, for the first time ever, a university had entrusted to a private company the management of a large real estate project, pursuant to an outsourcing agreement. Ever since, SENTINEL has developed a specific and unique action plan for student housing.

SENTINEL is responsive to the needs of the students who are its clients. Our team knows that the residences are much more than a mere housing service, and that they represent a true living environment and a springboard for youth. Indeed, beyond simple housing, relationships and friendships are created which are crucial to success in academic studies.

Our staff, which reflects our everincreasing desire for innovation, has therefore created from scratch a service in line with the expectation of students:

  • Hiring of floor monitors in order to facilitate the integration of freshmen students
  • Support and help line for students in trouble
  • Conciliation and mediation between residents
  • Creation of a Social Activities Committee (parties, gatherings and in-residence activities)
  • Implementation of a significant student employment network within our organization

As mentioned above, the creation of a student division within SENTINEL represents a first-rate competitive advantage for the company. Indeed, several students work at various levels within the company. They take advantage of the existing system to hold down wageearning employment while gaining work experience which is useful in coping with the lessons of life. This partnership is therefore beneficial to all involved.

For SENTINEL, all projects entrusted to its care become priorities which go beyond mere economic considerations. Our student clients can count on our team being consistently available, responsive and supportive at all times.

The success of the UQAM Student Housing project represents an achievement in which we take great pride. This initial partnership has enabled us subsequently to take part in many student projects, both from an institutional and private perspective.