Real estate brokerage

Courtage Immobilier  - Sentinel Gestion ImmobilièreAt SENTINEL, trust is based on collaboration, which is why the company defines itself first and foremost as a business partner. In order to better serve its clients, SENTINEL has been a certified real estate broker since 1997. Ever since, we have been in a position to advise our clients efficiently at every step of the real estate buying and selling process.

Each year, the SENTINEL team assists its clientele in negotiations for the purchase and sale of large real estate projects. In doing so, we participate directly in a vast number of transactions involving several hundred housing units. These real estate transactions have allowed us to acquire unparallel edexpertise in asset management. Our primary goal is to optimize the real estate performance of the buildings under management in order to increase the economic value of these investments.


Courtage Immobilier (suite) - Sentinel Gestion ImmobilièreWhen to buy?
When to sell?

These two questions pose the greatest challenge to property owners. The SENTINEL approach is focused on performing an overall analysis of the following aspects: building life cycle, real estate market, taxation and specific needs of each client. Our market knowledge allows us to analyze the forces at work, to foresee how they will change and to anticipate new trends. We have the know-how to assist our clients in negotiating offers in connection with real estate transactions at every step of the buying or selling process of the property. These skills take concrete expression in the following services:

At the time of purchase:

  • Establishing market value of a real estate asset based on the historical data and trends of the local market
  • Analyzing the immediate neighbourhood and the various economic factors
  • Supervising professionals involved in drafting various reports crucial to the purchase (valuation, inspection and environmental report)
  • Conducting due diligence (income and expenditures)

At the time of sale:

  • Listing the properties with the real estate board
  • Establishing a listing price
  • Developing a marketing strategy

SENTINEL is truly dedicated to providing a transparent service, since management assets in both an efficient and safe manner depends mainly on building an atmosphere of openness and honest communication with clients.