Multiple-unit residential buildings

Since 1990, SENTINEL has achieved an enviable position in the field of real estate management in Quebec. The expertise of its staff combined with the excellence of its results has fostered bond of trust which has   developed    with    its    clients    over   the  years.

The SENTINEL team specializes in the management of real estate buildings of more than 24 dwellings, at every stage of the administrative and operational process:

  • Monthly income and expenditure statements
  • Accounting and administrative reports
  • Budgetary and banking management
  • Accounts payable and monthly issue of cheques
  • Preparation, management and followupof leases
  • Drafting of various notices to tenants
  • Development of advertising strategies
  • Management of lease renewals
  • Collection and deposit of rent
  • Handling of tenant complaints and follow-up on demands
  • Planning and supervision of maintenance and repair work
  • Supervision of preventative maintenance
  • Training of maintenance staff
  • Regular inspections of the project by a qualified supervisor

SENTINEL is a dynamic, responsible and professional team. Its goal is to ensure that its clients benefit from peace of mind and unparalleled quality of services. Each of the members of our team takes pride in being entirely dedicated to the satisfaction of his or her clients and constantly offering them more. The vast array of skills displayed within the SENTINEL team contributes to achieving first-rate objectives.

Sentinel Gestion Immobilière - Édifices à logements multiples (suite)Due to the size of our real estate portfolio under management, we are able to achieve significant savings for all our clients, on several levels (insurance, maintenance work, mortgage financing, bank fees, etc.). The quality of our subcontractors’ network represents a significant part of our service offering. Furthermore, the experience of our employees, who have in-depth knowledge of the real estate market, enables us to optimize the rental income of each building managed by SENTINEL. All our actions are coordinated in order to increase the economic value of the buildings while maximizing the quality of life of existing tenants.