Customized services

Des services sur mesure - Sentinel Gestion Immobilière

A true partner in business development, SENTINEL is attentive to the expectations of its clients. As a business it anticipates market trends and acts accordingly in order to maximize the yield of the buildings entrusted to its care.

We have fostered in our employees a sense of belonging which generates creativity, passion and a desire to outperform. As a specialist in real estate management, SENTINEL puts its experience to work for owners by proposing customized action plans with a view to optimizing the success of their project. In addition to promoting the strengthening of the bond of trust, this supervision of operations has positive effects on financial results. These services are designed for individuals, condominium corporations, institutions, governmental organizations and private corporations. Owing to the vast experience of its staff and of its network of subcontractors, SENTINEL is in a position to offer a complete range of services in the following fields:

  • Multiple-unit residential buildings
  • Student housing
  • Condominium
  • Corporate relocations
  • Real estate brokerage
  • Senior housing
  • Mortgage assumptions
  • Commercial buildings
  • Monitoring of vacant buildings

Relying on its skill set and availability, our teamrelieves real estate owners of the administrative and operational tasks or duties related to the ownership ofa building while helping them protect their investment.

Our goal at SENTINEL is customer satisfaction